You found us because you need help with your business and we’re so glad you’re here. 


Maybe you need to adapt your business model, make an exciting an announcement, find new clients, engage the media, sell more products or launch some new ones. You found us because you need help growing your business and telling your story. And you’re probably wondering what sets consultants like us apart from many other “marketing people.”


Here’s the difference:

We are Business Strategists with a Communication Focus.


Therese Hickok Fuerst founded Fuerst Consulting Corporation on the premise that all businesses need a good publicist and that publicist must also be a keen strategist.

We proudly create partnerships with clients by providing a unique mixture of strategy, planning and problem solving across various industries and disciplines. Our services include:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Marketing Communications Strategy, Planning and Implementation
  • Community/stakeholder outreach and engagement
  • Internal/ organizational communications
  • Editorial writing and media relations
  • Securing media partners
  • Business development
  • Development research and planning
  • Program and Plan Evaluation
  • Digital strategy and social media planning
  • Process Improvement (leading to better collaboration with key departments including board engagement and external partners)

Our clients come in all different shapes and sizes and we are nimble and flexible to provide them the right service at the right time. We’ve done that variety of ways and here are a few:

  • We may be retained to identify problems or roadblocks because as you know, sometimes employees are too close to a situation inside an organization to identify the opportunity to improve. We bring an objective, fresh viewpoint and that has been very helpful to our clients.
  • We have been retained to supplement the staff of an organization. Especially if there are junior team members in place and budget doesn’t allow for an executive level full time.
  • Currently, are working on a project where our team has been hired to act as a catalyst and “get the ball rolling” on a campaign that involves internal and external culture change.  As you know it can be easier for a consultant to push something like this through as opposed to internal teams attempting to do so while still running the business.
  • Leading Strategy and Planning Sessions is also something our clients’ value.  The outcome could be the development of a strategic brief for a branding campaign, a message platform to support a brand, or the identification of a much needed process improvement.
  • In the business development realm our team’s strong professional network is of great value to our clients as we are able to exert influence to advance an issue, launch a new product or service or gain them new clients and partners.